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Dr. William Martin, Ph.D

I believe you deserve health and happiness, and we are dedicated to helping you create the life and relationships you want and deserve.

Health is the foundation for happiness and is defined by the World Health Organization as "not the mere absence of disease, but the total mental physical and social well-being of the individual". Based on the complexity of each of these aspects, it is understandable that the realm of health service has extended beyond the familiar practice of medicine to include psychological services and a variety of personal resources. Therefore, I believe the most effective approach to the attainment of health is a comprehensive program that assesses and utilizes the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of the whole person.

I recognize that each person is unique and has individual needs, and that each family is different and may have special concerns. In view of this, the physical, mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual aspects of each individual or family are taken into consideration when professional services are rendered.

My philosophy is that the individuals I assist are the foundation of my business and my only true asset is to serve my patients.

My goal is to preserve each individual's uniqueness as I provide opportunities for increased self awareness and personal growth, and that result in the creation of an ideal life and fulfilling significant relationships that you want and deserve.

Dr. Bill Martin is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Marriage, Family and Child Therapist. He is also an NLP Trainer, Ayurvedic Healthcare Educator, Master Ericsonian Hypnotist, Master Timeline Therapist, EMDR Therapist, Qualified Medical Examiner, Sex Therapist & Educator, Vocational Consultant, NLP & Hypnotherapy Master Trainer & Executive Life Coach. He has 13 years of college education. He received his B.S. from Georgia State University; his attended Chapman University in pusuit of a masters in Marrriage, family Therapy and received his Masters in ClinicalPsycholgy from Pepperdine University and his Ph.D. from International University. He has trained with and modeled world leaders in the field of psychology such as Dr. Aaron Beck: founder of Cognitive Therapy and Dr. Albert Ellis: founder of Rational Emotive Therapy; Dr. William Glasser: founder of Realty Therapy; Drs. Masters & Johnson and Drs. Hartman & Fithian pioneers in the field of Sex Therapy. He also has extensive training, in numerous other cutting edge technologies in healthcare, with Anthony Robbins: Master Trainer in NLP; Tad James, Ph.D.: Master Trainer in NLP & founder of Time Line Therapy; Franzine Shapero: founder of EMDR and Dr Deepak Chopra: world renowned Ayurvedic Physician.

Dr. Martin’s extensive knowledge and extensive expertise enables him to pursue his life’s purpose of helping others to be healthier and happier in their every life endeavor.

Dr. Martin's Personal Website: BillMartinPHD.com
License #PSY9840

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