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How We Are Different

Our facility is unique in that it incorporates a body, mind, spirit approach to creating a balanced life and healthy relationships. Individuals in the IOP start each day with identifying their outcome for that day (Starting out in the beginning with the end in mind) in each of the three areas that make us up as spiritual-human beings. After a brief overview of what will be focused on with regard to physical development, the program participants will partake in some form of physical activity (stretching, various aspects of weight lifting, cardio exercises, core conditioning, endurance training, swimming or physical education classes-such as step, kickboxing, palates, yoga, etc). The session is ended with 15 minutes of steam, sauna, meditation or some relaxing activity and 15 minutes to shower and dress. The participants are returned to the facility. Following this 1 1/2 hour process, the participants return to the facility and have a healthy lunch.

The second session consists of a 90 minute psych-educational group that focuses on psychological functioning (cognitions, emotions or behaviors). The third session group focuses on spiritual development (Higher inner self, higher power outside of self or Universal force & universal laws) and the last 30 minute group is a process group that reviews what the participants have learned during this day. Alternative tracks depending on the participant’s needs may be a vocational track which might include: job development, job lead search, resume development, potential employer contacts or follow-up or interview skill development, etc.

Individual services such as vocational and emotional testing, coaching, individual therapy are also available.

Other components of the program that are unique are couples counseling, interpersonal neuro-psychology, skill groups, psycho- educational groups that focus on: relationship skill development, parenting skills development, communication skills, co parenting skills, mediation, etc. Additionally we offer support groups for gaining knowledge and skills in dealing with such things as depression, anxiety, compulsive behavior(gambling, shopping, etc. Seminars, retreats and follow-up life coaching are also available to individuals who are in need of assistance in these areas of their life.

We strive to exceed our program participant’s expectations, to help each individual create and maintain the balanced life and healthy relationships they truly want and deserve.