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Body, Mind, Spirit’s Mission Statement

Body, Mind, Spirit focuses on a unique personalized approach for each person looking at not only how to treat the addiction but also how each person can become the best version of themselves. Our emphasis explores the core of the person from the body, mind and spirit. Body, Mind, Spirit goes beyond healing, with incorporating thriving as a person, in relationships and in society. We all have dreams and ideas of what we want from life and these often get lost with addiction. We are here to encourage and support you in bringing back those dreams along with creating new ones, creating a life plan not just for now, but for 10 years from now.

Changing the World, One Person at a Time

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Body, Mind, Spirit Intensive Outpatient Program is a unique approach to assisting individuals in recovery from a compulsive and/ or addictive lifestyle.

The company was started to meet a need in south Orange County for a medium priced intensive outpatient program that meets the recovery needs of the individuals in the program from a whole person perspective, incorporating aspects of physical, psychological and spiritual development and growth.

The two founding members have many years of experience in their respective fields of expertise within the domain of recovery. As a group we recognized that there were high cost IOP programs that many individuals could not afford and their insurance, if they had it, would not cover. There were also a number of low cost recovery programs that reflected "you get what you pay for" and did not provide adequate services or meet the needs of the individuals in recovery.

Based on the long history of experiences with medium priced IOP Programs over the years, each of the two founding partners desired to make a difference and decided to create one of their own that did provide effective and affordable treatment services with a unique and comprehensive whole person (Body, Mind & Spirit) approach.